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No, our stick umbrellas shouldn’t blow inside out. However, there is the exception of our collapsible Metro model which may flip inside out in certain winds but it has been designed so that if it does, it can be easily flipped back without damaging the structure!


Our iconic shape is all thanks to the patented technology of our Blunt™ tips. They open like miniature umbrellas within custom pockets at the canopy edge, performing multiple purposes to make the Blunt™ Umbrella what it is. To learn more about our design see here.


BLUNT Umbrellas are designed in NZ and manufactured near Xiamen in China. Given the expertise and skill needed to produce BLUNT Umbrellas (they are still hand stitched unlike ordinary umbrellas) we use the best experts to manufacture and produce our umbrellas.
We have been with our supply partners for over 12 years now and they have helped BLUNT to prosper in the face of many challenges' small businesses face. BLUNT would not be here today if it weren’t for them.


Yes, we do. This is our Metro Umbrella and can be found here. It's perfect for backpacks, satchels, laptop bags, shoppers and medium to larger handbags.


Our Limited edition models, Exec, Sport and Classic Seasonal models all come with carry sleeves. Our collapsible Metro model also comes with a matching cover sleeve to keep protected while in your bag. Our core range Coupe and Classic models do not come with carry sleeves.


Yes, none of our umbrellas contain any animal by-products. 


Our Metro umbrella is built with a 360° spinning canopy to avoid damaging the core mechanism when knocked on an accident. 

Greig, our founder, discovered when walking down the busy streets of London, he was prone to bump into people/walls/street poles etc., so having this feature future proofs your BLUNT.



You can find everything you need to know about shipping on our shipping + handling page.



Yes, confident our products are the best in class, we back all our BLUNT Umbrellas with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.


Our manufacturer’s warranty is a promise to repair or replace any faulty product that was, by mistake, missed when undergoing our rigorous quality control check process. This covers any faults caused by the way the product has been made, including but not limited to: part failures, material defects, production line errors.

Any damage or deterioration resulting from accident, misuse, abnormal service or handling or neglect is not covered under our warranty.

Damage caused by repairs or service provided by anyone other than an approved BLUNT service centre is also not covered by warranty.



Our BLUNT Head Office is based out of Auckland, New Zealand, though we have country management in the UK, as well as distribution in another 20 markets across North America, Europe, and Asia to help our customers on the ground globally.


Sustainability isn’t just a buzz word here at BLUNT, it’s part of our fabric and it’s reflected through the way we design everything we do. Aside from designing umbrellas that last, they are built to be fully repairable, with the intention to repair them wherever we can and to avoid ending up in landfills. We also take sustainability measures when it comes to our packaging, sourcing fully recyclable carton boxes, that are strong and sturdy enough to be re-used. Greig, our founder, also designed the carton ends to have a second use, when they’re not being re-used for packaging, they can also be used as a handy phone holder.